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變得更完美就是我的未來 - 配樂版 Becoming More Perfect is My Future


變得更完美就是我的未來 Becoming More Perfect is My Future 無條件的愛 會帶來恩典 Unconditional love brings grace 化解業力 並累積祝福 Dissolves karma and accumulates blessings 進入新次元 Moving into new dimensions 我的心覺醒 My heart awakens 茶道的生活 與自己連結 Life of Tea Dao, connect to oneself 迎向充滿 靈性的人生 Embracing a fully spiritual life 愛是種感覺 愛是種覺醒 Love is a feeling, love is awakening 偉大的心靈在於自我完成 Great soul is about seeking self-accomplishment 一個永恆的追尋過程 It is a journey of eternal pursuit 相信直覺是一種藝術 Believing in intuition is an art 跟隨內心靈感而活 Live by the inspiration from the heart 靈性是生命本身的呼喚 Spirituality is the calling of life 是生命與神最深的互動 It is the deepest interaction between life and the Divine 散發自己內心的平靜 Emit your inner peace 為世界帶來和平 To bring peace to the world 世界是幻相 善用這幻相 The world is an illusion, make good use of this illusion 來體驗偉大的實相 To experience the great truth 真正的覺醒 只能在現在 True awakening only happens at present 讓自身的光 在地球閃耀 Let your own light shine on Earth 讓內在綻放無窮生命 Let the infinite life radiate from within 真正的力量 來自同一體 True power comes from Oneness 新時代是兩性攜手 In the new era, masculine and feminine energy work together 與宇宙共同創造 To create with the Universe 生命 只享受自己 Life is just to enjoy oneself 漫無目的遊戲 It is an aimless game 變得更完美 就是我的未來 Becoming more perfect is my future