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愛的路上 - 配樂版 Journey of Love


愛的路上 Journey of Love 輕輕的走在地球上 Walk on the Earth gently 輕輕地走遍宇宙 Travel through the universe gently 明白你的身體是一個神聖殿堂 Knowing that your body is a sacred temple 它會給各地生命帶來和平與光明 It will bring peace and light to lives everywhere 在大自然輕柔的感恩中 In the gentle gratitude of the nature 感受腳下堅實的土地 Feeling the solid earth beneath your feet 一片無垠的藍天 The boundless blue sky above 傾聽大自然的聲音 Listen to the sound of nature 感覺風穿過髮梢 Feel the wind passing through your hair 你是自由而快樂 You are happy and free 用一首甜美的歌 With a sweet song 一種甜美的頻率在心中呼喚 A sweet frequency is calling from your heart 用愛喚醒你們內在的能量 Awake your inner strength and energy with love 愛是一種恒常的力量 Love is an everlasting power 帶來生命的能量與和諧 Brings energy and harmony of life 它的柔軟能滲透一切 Its softness can permeate everything 並保護每一顆心 And protect every heart