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愛的能量 - 配樂版 Energy of Love


愛的能量 Energy of Love 鳥兒的歌唱 The singing of birds 花兒的芬芳 The fragrance of flowers 祂在你平靜的夢鄉中擁抱你 He embraces you in your peaceful dreams 用愉悅的晨曦將你喚醒 Wakes you up with pleasant morning sunlight 多麼美好的靈感 How wonderful is the inspiration 讓我的創造夢想在明亮的愛中實現 It makes my creation and dreams come true in bright love 用心中所有的能量打開自己 Open yourself with all the energy within your heart 從心中唱出愛慕與感激般的歌曲 Singing an admirable and grateful song from your heart 這永恆喜樂和感恩之歌 This song of eternal happiness and gratitude 不斷在你心中提升 It constantly elevates in your heart 這偉大的愛將成為你的 Such great love will become yours 我是愛 I am love 我是純潔的愛 I am pure love 我生活在愛的意識中 I live in the consciousness of love 我用愛來化現 With love I incarnate 我的自由 My freedom