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神韻 Aura


花兒朝著天空綻放,展現它的美麗 Flowers bloom to the sky, revealing their beauty 世界是一幅美麗的畫 The world is a beautiful painting 我用心靈的樂音共鳴 I resonate with the music of my heart and soul 我的心聆聽世界的低語 My heart listens to the whispers of the world 世界對你表示愛意 The world conveys her love to you 你看不見真正的你,你看見的只是你的影子 You couldn't see your true self, all you see is your own shadow 有人追求財富,有人尋求智慧 Some chase wealth, some seek wisdom 我尋覓的是友情,讓我一路歌頌 I look for friendship. Let me sing in praise all the way 我的心如花瓣般的綻放 My heart is blooming like the petals 像日出前天空中的光芒 Like the rays in the sky before sunrise 在暮色漸濃的黃昏,在濤聲裡 In the dimming twilight of the evening, from the sound of the roaring waves 我感覺到你偉大思想的寂靜 I feel the stillness in your magnificent thoughts 我存在,這是永恆的驚喜,生命的驚喜 I exist, this is the everlasting serendipity, the serendipity of life 請指引我到你的世界,讓我享有樂於放棄一切的自由 Please guide me into your world,  and let me have the freedom to joyously let go of everything