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心靈的故鄉 Home of the Soul


回應雨滴的親吻 花朵燦爛地綻放 Kisses of raindrops, flowers blossom vibrantly 晨曦中 小草的葉片 閃爍著晶瑩的淚珠 In the morning light, glistering tears on the grass 曾經荒蕪的大地 微風輕拂 變幻出繽紛的樂章 Over the once barren land, gentle breezes are orchestrating a colorful symphony 聽 我們的夥伴 漫山遍野的呼喚 Listen, the callings of our buddies are all over the mountains and valleys 生命的豐盛 只是單純自然 The abundance of life. It is purity and nature. 像南飛的候鳥 無懼險阻迷航 只為尋訪心靈的故鄉 The birds are flying south, with no fear of any obstacles or getting lost, to find the home of the soul 在大海溫柔的懷裡 我們是簇擁的熱帶魚 好奇地探險神秘的國度 In the vast gentle ocean, we are a swarm of tropical fish, curiously exploring the mysterious kingdom 在無垠的沙灘上 我們是光的小孩 盡情地追逐嬉戲 On the boundless beach, we are the children of light, chasing and playing freely 別問我陌生的名字 我們來自遙遠的星系 Please don't ask for my extraneous name, for we came from faraway galaxies 乘著愛的翅膀 我們的歌聲 在湛藍的天空中迴盪 Flying with the wings of love, our songs reverberate through the azure sky 時間的單位 竟成了難題 永恆的存在 要如何測量 Time is an enigma. How do you measure the eternity of existence 不妨再告訴你一個秘密 因為愛的連結 讓我們成為了一體 Let me tell you yet another secret, love is what connects us as one 在宇宙中運行 散發著聖潔的光芒 Moving with the universe, radiating pure holy light