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遼闊的天空 The Vast Sky


清晨的風帶來清新 The early morning wind brings freshness 是風讓我們充滿活力 It is the wind that makes us energetic 放下恐懼和擔心 Let go of fear and worries 讓路給愛,讓愛自然流動
Give way to love, let love flow naturally 你的心念塑造你的世界 Your thoughts shape your world 你願意相信,願意開放 When you are willing to believe, willing to open up 你更能感受生命的無限可能 The more you can feel the infinite possibilities of life 太陽的光芒為我打開世界的大門 The sun rays open up the gateway to the world for me 我的愛如陽光照拂著你 My love is shining on you like the sunlight 為你帶來蓬勃生輝的自由 And brings you glowing and thriving freedom 愛是靈魂的連結 Love is the connection to the soul 處於神性相會的喜悅之中 The joy of being with the divine 在你的內在,有一湖泉水通向海洋 Within you, there is a lake of spring water that leads to the ocean 我們是智慧和療癒 We are wisdom and healing 我們是潑灑在大地上的甘露 We are the nectar sprinkled across the earth 你能展翅著與我們在路上相遇 You can spread your wings and meet us along the way 我們保持謙虛,我們送出祝福 We stay humble, we send blessings 創造是一條清澈,快速流動的溪流 Creation is a clear, rapid flowing stream 你就是從天而降的恩典 You are grace descended from heaven 看向內心,就會發現,一個人的愛就來自那裏 Look into your heart and you will find that it is where one’s love come from 深厚的友誼,會把人們引向愛和信任 Deep friendship will lead people towards love and trust