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平凡之美 - 配樂版 Beauty of the Ordinary


平凡之美 Beauty of the Ordinary 聆聽 能夠觸動我們 生命深層的聲音 Listening is able to touch the deepest voices of our lives 恢復 你意識上 更高的醒覺 Recover the higher awareness of your consciousness 發掘 生命嶄新的 自由與驚歎 Explore the new freedom and marvels of life 接受 你那神聖和永恆的天性 Embrace your divine and eternal nature 永遠保持著輕鬆的心 Always keep your heart light 活潑好玩的本質 Stick to your fun and lively nature 維持能量的高度 才是真正利益世界 Maintaining high energy is the real benefit to the world 真正的享受生命 體悟這個生命 Truly enjoy life, experience and understand life 用奉獻與愛 創造回家的道路 Through giving and loving, we create our way home 讓每個人去表現他獨特的美感 Allow everyone to express his/her unique beauty 跟隨內心生活 讓天堂顯現在地球上 Live by the heart, reveal heaven on Earth 展現柔和輕鬆的能量 Show gentle and relaxing energy 成為真正浪漫的人 Become a true romantic person 平凡之中處處都是 神性的顯現 In the ordinary, the Divine appears everywhere