tea scores

茶道生活 Life of Tea Dao


真正的生活 多麼閃亮 Truly living the life, shining with light 歡欣鼓舞 順流而行 Dance, rejoice, go with the flow 與河一起流動 沒沒無聞 Flow with the river, quietly and unnoticeably 綻放無窮的生命 Let our infinite life bloom 生命就像一場遊戲 Life is like a game 別視它為一樁生意 Don’t take it as a business 一種身心靈的結合 A unity of body, mind and soul 進入非物質界橋樑 A bridge to the non-physical world 在陳韻中找到蛻變的歷程 Discover the journey of transformation through the aroma of aged tea 散發出永恒力量的美感 Emitting the beauty of eternal power 交會著生命中的光與愛 Encountering love and light in life 茶會增加光的強度 Tea Party increases the intensity of light 協助地球黑暗消融 It helps dissolve darkness on Earth 驅策著這個星球 Propelling this planet 人類全體的揚昇 And all human beings to ascend 連上生命這塊大陸 Connect to the continent of life 成為無盡的空無 Become the void of infinity