tea songs

神性之美 Beauty of the Divine


神性之美 Beauty of the Divine 晨光初現 Light of the dawn just shines 萬物在甦醒 All beings are awakening 看白雪飄 Watching the white snow fly 凝視著純淨 Gazing at its pureness 仰望天空踏著大地 Eyes looking up to the sky, feet on the ground 遠方雪山透明我的心 The snow mountains far away clear my heart 感謝你無限的給予 Thank you for your infinite giving 讓生命如花盛開 It makes life bloom fully 內在連結 Connect from within 你的光閃耀 Your light glitters 活出生命 極致的流動 Live out the ultimate flow of life 敞開自己信任生命 Open up yourself and trust in life 漫步在美麗的花園裡 Wander in the beautiful garden 觀賞著發光的能量 Admiring the luminous energy 讓生命富於激情 Enrich your life with passion 輕鬆的心流暢自在 Light heart flows smoothly and freely 讓心傾聽靈魂的召喚 Allow your heart to hearken the calling of soul 身在自己渴望的天堂 Be in the heaven that you’ve been longing for 成為未來的自己 Become your future self 心靈連結 Connect with hearts and souls 消融了界限 It dissolves boundaries 輕鬆流動 Flow at ease 豐盛的流動 Flow with abundance