tea songs

優美的人生 A Beautiful Life


優美的人生 A Beautiful Life 請你們在心靈的花園裏 Please, in the garden of your heart and soul 培育你們夢想的花朵 Nurture the flowers of your dreams 在大家的森林裡 In the forest of All 榮耀著你的生命之樹 Your tree of life is being glorified 帶著微笑 With a smile 帶著純樸的心 With a simple heart 伸向高掛天際的繁星 Reach out to the numerous stars high above in the sky 讓我們不再無聊煩心 Let us not feel bored nor annoyed anymore 如同回到孩童時光 It's like returning to the times of childhood 淘氣的微笑讓我們醉心 Those playful smiles that melt our hearts 陽光穿過層層雲朵在河面上閃耀 Sunlight travels through layers of clouds and sparkles on rivers 雨滴悠哉地躺在樹葉和小草上 Rain drops lying down leisurely on tree leaves and grass 造物者透過美妙的傑作 The Creator, through wonderful masterpieces 帶著耐心與愛心向每一個人說話 Speaks to everyone with patience and love 太陽的升起 Rising of the sun 月亮的光暈 Halo of the moon 輕柔的雲霧 Softness of the clouds 還有把玩陽光 吸取藍天的溫柔露珠 Also, the gentle dew that plays with the sun, absorbing the blue sky 造物者最高等的創造 The highest creation from the Creator 祂將奔放的愛 He gives us spontaneous love 與光明的靈感 And bright inspiration 在每個人出生地當下 At the moment when we were born 就給了你 It's given to you 與你的心一起 To be with your heart 共鳴著愛與仁慈 Resonating love and kindness