tea songs

生命的創造 The Creation of Life


生命的創造 The Creation of Life 我來自夢想 I came from dreams 周遭賞心悅目的一切 Looking at all these beautiful things that surrounds me 也是來自夢想 Which also came from dreams 為我而生的創造 Creations that live for me 我化作黎明升起 I rise as I become the dawn 陽光毫無遺漏地 Sun rays, without exception and omission, 愛撫地球上所有的創造 Caress all creations on Earth 風兒拂過樹葉和花瓣 Breezes passing through tree leaves and petals 雲兒跳著迷人的舞蹈 Clouds dancing mesmerizing dance 鳥兒在天上開心的叫著 Birds singing happily in the sky 草地上熱鬧的窸窣聲響 Buzzing sounds in the grass 融為磅礡又柔美的聲音 Merging into a majestic yet soft and beautiful voice 形成宇宙最美的樂章 And forms the most beautiful music in the universe 你的耀眼光芒 Your dazzlingly light 可以綻放 可以撫慰 It can blossom, it can comfort 你是靈感 You are inspiration 能使一切加速 激發感受 You can speed up everything and exhilarate feelings 讓我們一起歌唱 Let us sing together 共同唱出美好世界 Together we sing and create a beautiful world