tea songs

黎明 Dawn


黎明 Dawn 早上與太陽一起醒來, Waking up with the Sun in the morning 走過露水, Walking by the dew 帶著光芒般的意識對著升起的太陽微笑。 Smiling at the rising sun with consciousness shining as light 在自己的生活裡,把秩序和美帶進你的世界, In your own life, bring the order and beauty into your world 你將更快樂的進展,和帶來恩賜。 You will make progress and bring the gift more happily 從靈魂的沉睡中醒來吧! Wake up from your sleeping soul! 讓熱情再次旋轉在所有身體裡。 Let the passion spin again in your whole body 我用熱情點燃你, Let me ignite you with passion 和她一起帶回所有春天的花朵, Bring back all the spring flowers with her 讓地球回到最初美麗的樣貌, Restore the Earth back to its original beauty 將地球化為神聖夢想的繽紛花園。 Turn the Earth into a colorful garden of divine dreams 存在於你心中的神聖本質, The divine nature that exists in your heart 它是有生命與活力的, It’s alive and vital 它是你生命唯一真正的源頭。 It is the only true source of your life