tea songs

大自然 The Nature


大自然 The Nature 大自然單純的韻律和諧,使人敬畏, The simple rhythm and harmony of the Nature, it awes us. 大自然擁有的美麗純真,深受觸動, The pure beauty and innocence that the Nature embraces, it deeply touches us. 這種野性的美, Such beauty of wildness 喚醒內在的寧靜與和諧, It awakens our serenity and harmony within 感受到植物、樹木臣服於季節交替, Feel the plants and trees surrendering to the change of seasons 感受到動物的純真、柔順, Feel the pure innocence and tenderness of the animals 安靜地遵循生命的韻律。 Feel them following the rhythm of life quietly 大自然中迴盪著亙古的智慧。 The ancient wisdom reverberates in the Nature 與你的內在自然、覺知連結。 It is connected with your inner nature and awareness 擁抱活躍在你內心的生命, Embrace the life that invigorates in your heart within 看到你所是的太陽, See the sun that you are 看看閃耀在大自然中的光芒, See the radiance that shines in the Nature 這是你自身之美的投射, It is the reflection of your own beauty 自身存在的太陽。 The sun of your own existence