tea songs

新時代The New Era


新時代The New Era 當你內在感到快樂 When you feel happy inside your heart 你才能吸引快樂 You can attract happiness 當你無懼的追求生命 When you are fearless to pursue life 生命將回報你豐盛與巨大的成功 Life will reward you with abundance and great success 信任宇宙中充滿了愛 Trust in the universe is full of love 周圍都是愛的旋律 The melody of love is all around 我也變成了愛的音符 I also become the note of love 在愛的協奏曲中舞動 Dancing in the concerto of love 我沐浴在溫暖之中 I am bathed in the warmth 新地球人類尊重地球本身的韻律 The new earth men respect the rhythm of the earth itself 尊重自己及外在世界的自然本性 Respect yourself and natural instinct of the external world 一切萬物在最深層面上都是一體的 All is one at the deepest level 透過意識之網 Through the net of consciousness 互相連結 Connect to each other 新時代會從你心靈的愛與和諧之中誕生 The new era will be born from the love and harmony of your heart 你心中有個敞開的空間 There is an open space in your heart 感受這個空間的寂靜 Feel the silence of this space 柔和與開放 Softness and openness 這是你和宇宙之心的連結 This is the connection between you and the heart of the universe 你也是一輪太陽 You are a round sun 你的靈魂是太陽 Your soul is the sun 你來自無窮無盡 You come from the endless 無始無終的生命源泉 The timeless source of life 正在宇宙中散發自己獨特的光芒 Emanating your own unique light in the universe