tea songs

美麗的日子 Beautiful Days


看著周遭世界在翻轉 Looking at the world overturning 沒有人需要做個庸俗之人 No one oughts to be a tawdry person 上帝創造的只有天賦而已 God only creates talents 願道路為您升起 May the road rise for you 願風吹在您背後 May the wind blow behind you 你的愛是否滋長 Is your love growing 像你的心選擇一樣 It is so if your heart chooses it to be 夢想著柔和的凝視 Dreaming about the soft gaze 眼中深深的影子 The deep shadow in the eyes 多少人愛戀你,快活風采的時刻 So many people fall in love with you, when you are cheerful and gorgeous 但是有個人愛你朝聖的心靈 But someone loves your pilgrim soul 愛你變化中臉龐上的信心 Loves the confidence on your changing face 愛已顯現在眼前的群山 Love is already revealed in the mountains before your eyes 愛的面容在繁星之中閃爍 Your loving face glistens among the stars 來吧!人類的孩子 Come! Children of mankind 手牽著手、到水中、到曠野 Hand in hand, to the waters, to the wilderness 世界充滿驚奇,超過你能瞭解 The world is full of wonders, beyond what you can understand