tea songs

我的心 My Heart


我的心以歌的清波,輕輕撫觸陽光燦爛的綠色世界 My heart, with clear waves of songs, gently touches the green world in bright sunlight. 孩子是你將風和水的細語,花兒雲朵的夢想帶進了我的心 Child, it is you who bring the whispers of winds and waters, the dreams of flowers and clouds into my heart. 萬物帶著微笑,輕快穿越時光而去 All things, bearing smiles, nimbly fly through time and carry on. 愛的喜悅如群鳥,在繁花盛開的林中歡唱 The joy of love is like a flock of birds, singing happily amidst the blooming flowers in the woods. 我感知,世界是祢愛的化身,等待人類,憑靠智慧找回自己的童年 I perceive, the world is the embodiment of Your love, waiting for the human race, to rediscover their childhood by their wisdom. 沉默之聲,觸碰我的言語,我認識了自己 The sound of silence, touches my words. I got to know myself. 度過漫漫寂靜夜,黎明輕叩我心 Passing through the long still night, the dawn gently knocks on my heart. 妳的笑聲藏著生命之泉的樂音,沐浴在雨後的陽光下 Your laughters envelop the music of the Fountain of Life, bathing under the sunlight after the rain. 我的心,別揚起塵埃,讓世界找到自己的路,走到你身旁 My heart, don't stir up the dust, let the world find its own way, and walk up to your side. 我在大地亮光之中,在世人的愛裡 I am amidst the light on Earth, within the love of humankind.