tea songs

生命的綻放 The Blossoming of Life


有一種我們想要的愛,讓我們渴望一生 There is a kind of love that we yearn for our whole life 那是靈魂對身體的輕觸 That is the gentle touch of the soul to the body 當我們把身體交給大地 When we entrust our bodies to the land 你就會發現另一條道路 You will discover another road 在我們內在,彼此有著道路相連 There are roads connecting us from within 卻從不被人說起 But they were never before mentioned 我們等待靈感,神聖氛圍的感覺就已足夠 Simply wait for the inspiration, and the feeling of Holiness 當我們相遇,相聚是一種療癒 When we meet, when we gather, it is a kind of healing 當意識敞開的一刻,就會感覺到彼此的友誼 The moment when the consciousness opens up, we feel our friendship 智慧的海洋,變成我們漫步的曠野 The ocean of wisdom becomes the field that we stroll 是什麼,讓靈魂如此快樂的醒來 What is it, that makes our souls wake up in such joy 一陣黎明的微風,吹開了臉上的面紗 A breeze at dawn lifts off the veil on my face 心變得完美,就像來自山中的寶石 The heart becomes whole, just like the gem from mountains 當身體變成靈魂,為何臣服是如此容易 When the body becomes the soul, how easy it is to surrender 讓愛引領你的靈魂,把它變成安歇的所在 Let love lead your soul, and make it a place to rest upon