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永恆生命之歌 Song of Eternal Life


永恆生命之歌 Song of Eternal Life 感恩天地 萬物給予 Gratitude to heaven and earth for all things given 真愛永不止息 Everlasting true love 敞開心靈 敢於生活 Open your heart and live courageously 敢於信任生命 Dare to trust in life 一起合作 心手相連 Together we work, holding hands, holding hearts 重拾光輝記憶 And regain our glorious memories 一起建造 神妙奇特 Together we build a wonderful and peculiar 恒久黃金時代 Everlasting golden era 充滿光明 和平富裕 Full of light, peaceful and prosperous 生命永遠延續 Life perpetuates eternally 美好世界 騰出空間 Make some space for this wonderful world 內在太陽發光 Let the inner sun shine 由愛而來 因愛而去 We come from love and leave for love 聖愛永恒傳遞 The divine love passes on forever 一體光芒 一體圓滿 We shine as one, we are integral as one 意識重現人間 This consciousness reappears on earth