tea songs

未來之歌 Song of the Future


未來之歌 Song of the Future 我們穿越時空旅行 We travel across time and space 在夢中和你們相會 In the dreams we meet 我們是地球上所有國家的孩子 We are children of all nations on Earth 一切種族和很多行星的孩子 Children of all ethnicities and many planets 被遺忘許久銀河系的孩子 The long-forgotten children of the galaxy 透過道路上每一朵花 Through every flower on the road 小鳥唱出的每一首歌 Every song sung by the birds 我們傳送和平與理解的訊息 We convey messages of peace and understanding 我們和神性主人手挽著手 Hand in hand with the Divine Host 傳播著一種振動 We spread a kind of vibration 發光的能量 Luminous energy 一種寬恕 With forgiveness 接納一切存有的能量 Embracing the energy of all beings 我們聆聽來自靈魂的撥動 We listen to the touches of the soul 我們在和諧中一起唱著歌 We sing songs together in harmony 帶著失落已久的喜悅歡慶著 Celebrate with the long-lost joy 今天在每一個人內在又重生了 Which is reborn within everyone of us today 真的讚美你 Sincerely praise you 使我們的夢增添光耀 Who shed glory upon our dreams