tea songs

光的小孩 The Children of Light


光的小孩 The Children of Light 我曾經是天真的小孩 I once was a naïve child 現在渴望再度玩耍 Now eager to play again 只知道愛和喜樂 Only have love and joy in my mind 創造裡的一切,從一個想法開始 Everything in creations start with an idea 去享受夢想和想像的樂趣 Enjoy the fun of dreaming and imagining 它會在你日常生活實現 It will come true in your daily life 想像力是多麼神奇 Imagination is so wonderful 保存著神妙記憶 Where marvelous memories are kept 你曾經想成為的一切 All that you once wanted to be 深藏在你神聖之心裏 Are kept deep inside your sacred heart 這個面向的神奇和美好 This magical and wonderful part of you 帶你通往宇宙的壯麗 Leads you to the splendor of the universe 內在小孩是光,是無限的 The inner child is light, it is infinite 極大的喜樂,它也是你 Greatest joy, it is also you 渴望恢復全部靈性的天賦 Longing to recover all of the spiritual gifts 活出神性全然的輝煌和美好 Live out full glory and beauty of Divine nature